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200 Series

Hotmelt Label Applicator

Modern design + superior engineering = user efficiency + increased production output + value

“The Advent Model 200 is packed with features that may not be easily noticed from first observation but hidden beneath the tough chemical resistant ABS plastic cover is a labeling machine capable of satisfying the needs of the most discriminating buyer.” -ADVENT

Advent 200 Series Label Applicators

Semi-automatic sheet-cut label application

Product Features:

    •    Labels can be butt-cut (“kiss-cut” - edges touching / square corners) or 

    •    Labels can be die-cut (1/8” space between each label / usually rounded corners) 

    •    No air compressor needed, no foot pedal or hand switch needed (except 301 and 302) 

    •    No solenoids and expensive PLCs (programmable logic controllers) 

    •    Simple, time-saving thumbscrews adjustment for left/right label and product placement 

    •    Front mounted hand wheel for quick and easy adjustment of container size 

    •    Auto label feed (no expensive photo-eyes, no unnecessary foot/hand switches except 301 and 302) 

    •    Includes metal self-contained cart with wheels and bottom shelf (except 301 and 302) 

    •    Includes Overhead Pressure Arm assembly for light/empty containers 

    •    110-120 v AC electric power required 

    •    2 year limited factory warranty (see warranty sheet for details) 


Models Included in the 200 Series:

    .    200  Standard Model  

        -For straight-sided (non-tapered) containers 

        -Label hopper holds 1” stack of labels

        -Label: minimum 3/4” wide x 4” long maximum 8-1/2” wide x 25” long

        -Container: minimum 1”od (3/4”od optional) maximum 12”od

    .    205  2 - 5 Gallon Model – “Pails”

        -For tapered and straight-sided 2 gallons to 6 gallons pails, 

        with or without lugs and bail 

        -OPA (Overhead Pressure Arm) not included – see options list


Additional Features:

  • Operator labeling of 20 to 35 products per minute depending on label size and item girth 
  • Full back-of-label glue option available if required – see Advent Advantage fourth item above
  • Use low cost paper labels or most synthetic label stocks
  • Different size container changeover takes 2-5 minutes
  • Adjustable collars for containers with ridges or grooves
  • Belt and pulley drive with heavy-duty capacitor-start motor
  • Equipment is supplied with print and video instructions (English or Spanish) 
  • Cast aluminum hood now featured on all 200 Series Models

Phone (323) 728-0227    •    Fax (323) 728-2443