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Label Gluing Machine

Available in three roller widths.

    The Gluefast Company has sold the Captain B Gluer for forty years to the packaging, converting and bindery industries. The new 14" Captain B AG gluer is the same quality tested machine with a heated glue tray and temperature control device to enable the gluer to be used in binderies using animal glues for book covers. Its advanced heating system is solid state controlled with a temperature strip located on the glue tray. Its simple operating system means this is a machine designed for many years of service for a demanding industry.

Gluefast CAPTAIN

Electric Label Gluing Machine

CAPTAIN B Electric Label Gluer


CAPTAIN Standard "C" Electric Model - 3 roller width sizes

• Applies water-base liquid adhesives to labels and other pliable materials

• Applies an accurate coating of latex, varnish, lacquer, resin, paint, etc. to pliable materials 

• Applies these liquid films to rigid materials when equipped with the proper attachments 

• 115vac motor drive with speed control dial

• Brass glue roller, two brass guide rods, brass stripper fingers and brass glue tray 

• Scraper bar adjustment by dual knob control


CAPTAIN Special "ST" Strip Gluing Electric Model

• Provides 3/8" wide strips of glue - to reduce glue consumption by 50%


CAPTAIN Special "A" Air Motor Model

• Non-electric for explosion-proof operation, powered by your air compressor


CAPTAIN Rigid Product Attachment (pressure bar attachment)

• For rigid products up to 1/2" thick (chipboard, corrugated, stuffed envelopes, and similar items) 

• No tools required to attach to any Captain model

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