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Manual Stencil Machine

Hand Operated Stencil Machine

Dependable. Durable. Dynamic.

    “Now the power to cut and create high-profile stencils for your specific applications is in the palm of your hand. Our hand-operated stencil machines are built for the long run and help to make the stenciling process fast, easy – and effective. The Marsh Stencil Machine makes the cleanest cuts with no tearing or pulling. Always providing sharp clear marks. And, it’s made in the USA.” -MARSH

Manual Stencil Machine

The cleanest cuts with no tearing or pulling.


• Punch and die - Case-hardened dies have wear-resistant cutting edges

• Zinc alloy punch is stronger, lasts longer than steel, fits closer, cuts cleaner and is more corrosion-resistant

• Aluminum rotating parts - Lightweight for faster, smoother operation

• Unobstructed hand wheel- No spokes or lugs to interfere with hand

• Durable finish - Baked-on powder coat, industrial black finish

• Sealed-in lubrication - Parts rotating on center spindle "ride on oil" from saturated felt rings in base of machine, providing years of self lubrication and reduced operating sound

• Large dial- Easy to read

• Word space button and release lever- For quicker, neater, easier cutting

• Accurate spacing - Simple cam and ratchet spaces automatically

• Quick, shock-free centering - Makes character selection smoother and easier

• Rubber base mounts - Smooth, soft feel to cutting operation

• Special character punch and dies

• API logo available

• Spanish ii characters available

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