What to look for in a CIJ InkJet Printer

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At F.J. Smith, we carry two types of inkjet printers: Thermal Printers that use ink cartridges and CIJ printers (small character printer) which use mostly MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) and instant-dry ink/solvent for marking in just about anything.

CIJ printed are for permanent printing and are great in all types of work environments and also have excellent versatility for direction. Unfortunately with most CIJ printers on the market today, they can be messy, unreliable and require a lot of cleaning, sometimes daily as the nozzle clogs up with dry ink.

Three things we love about the Linx10 printer:

1 The Linx 10 printer is great for printing text, batch numbers, dates and counters.

2. While being extremely efficient and effective the Linx 10 does not have the bells and whistles that most customers will never use. This results in a more cost-effective CIJ printer solution for your business.

3. The Linx 10 printer is self-cleaning. The Linx 10 umbilical cord has two lines: one for ink and one for solvent. When starting the Linx 10 printer, solvent runs first to clean the nozzle, then the ink follows. When shutting down the printer, the ink is returned to the reservoir, then solvent runs to clean the nozzle again. This makes the Linx 10 printer extremely reliable, ready when you are. In the unlikely event, your business requires assistance we offer same-day or next-day service in most cases.

If a thermal printer is what you're looking for, we offer the MSSC line of high-quality products. The MSSC thermal printers require no maintenance and are extremely reliable. Your new ink cartridge is your printhead, quality is never compromised. Get professional prints on corrugated, poly, glass, and metal products. Ink cartridges are available for porous and non porous surfaces.

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Blog by F.J. Smith Sales Co.